Audi Le Mans Quattro




Stacked Deck

Darius is a character who appears in Need for Speed: Carbon.


Darius seems to be used to winning and being the best, and is a gifted racer. He is evil, and is not afraid to manipulate people to get what he wants, as long as everything goes his way. His strategies and skill have gotten him far, he owns a large amount of the city at the start of the game, and is using the player to get more, albeit without the player's knowledge.

He comes across as cool and charming when you meet him, but as the story progresses you can see that he is power hungry and will do anything to stay in power.


Darius drives an Audi Le Mans Quattro, in the Stacked Deck colours of Red and Black. It is unavailable to buy in the game, but you can unlock it for use in quick race.

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